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Felt Free Finish

Felt free treated wool remains in its original size after washing. Wool garments are protected against damage and might be formed back easily.

Felt free finish is ensuring that the scales do not link to each other. This effect must be avoided. It is achieved by modification of the surface. The scales get changed. Further it might be necessary to apply a resin in order to further improve the performance during washing.

Very often felt free wool is produced using the SUPERWASH process, a combination of surface modification and resin application. This process provides best performance in anti felting and ensures that sweaters or socks have no shrinkage (by felting) during washing and maintain their shape.

An untreated woollen textile may shrink during home washing by half.

Felt free treated wool textiles remain in shape and original size. Wool textiles can be formed back into shape after washing and are protected against damage through felting.

Corona Finish – the latest alternative

Fibres get treated by Corona (atmospheric plasma) as a pre-treatment and get finished during subsequent processes. Free of toxic chemicals.

The beauty of this organic process is its sustainability.

Felt free wool textiles, (e.g. Sweaters and socks), may get washed in home laundry using woolen detergents.

Corona Finish will give organic and washable textiles.